April 12th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: phone calls, horse, errands, walking

While the day started out windy, the wind eventually quieted down and it was sunny and 70 and a beautiful day. I got around the block twice, and you know it is spring when M. (not walking partner -- walking partner's father) is out on the patio with his computer(s), working in the beautiful weather and saying hello to the neighbors as they wander by.

R. took T. out for a bike ride. They rode over to some conservation land and then rode in the woods on trails for a bit. They found a bb gun, and R. picked it up and turned it in at the police station after dropping T. off at home. Dunno why anyone leaves a bb gun in the woods, but it is in safe hands now.

The day started strong, with a lovely phone call with my friend K. T. and I went to lunch at Applebee's, and then went to the horse. I ran some errands (grocery shopping, bank), and did a little decluttering (packing up toys to go to friends and some clothes to go to the middle class guilt reduction station). I even got around to hanging some stuff on the kids' bedroom walls that had been lying around for a while (kid art in a frame from A.'s school, and a Patriots' helmet from Plaster Fun Time).

We also had a lovely FaceTime call with R.'s mum C.

I'm almost done with _The Box_, so I should be reviewing that soon. But now that R. has done his part, I'm gonna have to stop procrastinating, do some downloads and enter some stuff so we can comply with the tax law.