March 28th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: Easter Bunny at Applebee's and not much else

A. and I went to the 8:15 seating at Rainforest Cafe to meet the Easter Bunny. They could not produce plain black tea for me. First chamomile showed up when I asked for tea. When I asked for black, I got Earl Grey. When someone saw me drinking unadulterated hot water, they tried a second time and came up empty so I switched to coffee. Note to anyone else going to brunch with costumed characters at the Rainforest Cafe: don't bother with tea.

Otherwise, it was not a great brunch, but they have an omelet station, so I did fine. Since that restaurant was at Burlington Mall, we had to get up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, which was a downer, and meant we were sleepy all day long. Combined with terrible weather (grey, snowing without sticking), we didn't do much of anything else.