March 27th, 2015

Tragic, but at this point, not a huge surprise

Over the last day, there has been a lot of signalling in the media (we don't think that ethnicity or religion holds the answer to this question, we don't think this is an act of terror, etc.) coverage of the tragic germanwings crash. I guess we are now looking at the answer.

I realize that there is a very tricky tradeoff, actually more than one of them, associated with depression in jobs where the lives of many hang on the judgment of one or a few. The higher the stakes associated with revealing that one needs help for a mental health problem (job loss, stigma), the longer people wait to get help. And nobody wants to take someone's lifelong dream away from him.

For all that TRMS is repeatedly saying that there is no technical fix for this kind of problem, we'd all better hope that there is, even if it's the kind of technical fix called A Change in Policy or Assessment. I'd hate to see the progress we've made in safety stall out because of this category of problem.