March 14th, 2015

Daily Activities Include: mall, pi day so, pie!

My sister called me this morning to wish me a happy pi day, which initially confused the heck out of me. But fun! So at 9:26 (but not :53 seconds, because none of our clocks are that closely in agreement), I woke up R. by wishing him (loudly) a Happy Pi day! Confusing the heck out of him, as well. I also texted a different R. wishing her a happy pi day. Because.

T. was bored so we went to Natick Mall. At The Cheesecake Factory, I ignored the spiral bound menu in favor of the thinner Skinnylicious Menu, which had lettuce wraps (they were called tacos, but they are lettuce wraps). They were Excellent, and I felt like I could eat the bread without any guilt at all. T. ate a couple slices of pizza and then wanted to go to Red Mango and get something or other there that involved rainbow sprinkles. After that, we went to Nordstrom, where I got really poor service. They didn't have the New Balance Paulette in any size remotely close to mine (not a problem) and didn't offer to order it for me (that would be a problem). Nor did they bring out other shoes in my size that I didn't ask for when I sent them off for some Josef Seibels (this is actually a serious problem, because this behavior is Expected at Nordstroms shoe department). Pathetic! Normally, Nordstroms shoe department will painlessly, even enjoyably, relieve me of hundreds of dollars (I think the last trip was about $500, but I also bought stuff for A.). This time, it was fucking work to give them a little over a hundred. After that, T. wanted to buy shoes but at JCP, so we found him some Fila sneakers with a tag that said $4x dollars, but when I eventually convinced someone to let me pay for them rang up as $15. That is some discount right there. Looking at the shoes, they seemed like a $2x dollar shoe, but T. wanted to buy sneakers at JCP so I was more or less prepared to pay whatever they asked.

I concluded from today's mall outing (including really quite a lot of people in the mall and parking lots/garages as well) that the local economy, at least, is doing well enough to make in person retail shopping the miserable experience that I remember it being. Also, wow, could ya turn the temp down a little? In good news, I got a decently long walk in on a rainy day so I can't complain too much.

ETA: How did I forget to mention! I made tofu chocolate pie today, because, Pi!

ETAYA: I ordered the Paulette from Zappos. I actually got it into my shopping cart on my phone while waiting for the person to come back with the second pair of shoes, despite painfully slow internet. I did ask her for additional shoes (spring, casual but not too casual, low heel), and she had seen two selections thus far. She came back with a couple Franco Sarto and a couple I've already forgotten one of which was a ballet flat (seriously), neither of which was suitable for wearing with socks, which I had on, and which I had tried with the Seibels (I bought the Lilo 13s in grey). One of the Sartos was the "Frontier". Just _nothing_ like what I was looking for. And downselling on price, too! It's like they were too good to take my money from me today.