February 10th, 2015

State of Emergency with School, walks

Weirdly, despite being in one of the counties that is under state of emergency, school did in fact open 1 hour late and town offices are even open. Sidewalks aren't cleared yet, so the schools were asking people to put their kids on the bus or drive them in.

I walked down to Julie's Place for lunch, which was a little tricky given the sidewalks not being cleared -- I was picking which side of the road to walk down based on which side had cars that I could hear or see coming or, for a bit, based on what would give me the best visibility around a curve. But no worries, only a quarter mile and it was nice to get out of the house and see some friendly faces.

I also went around the block with my walking partner.

Other than that, most of my morning has involved listening to (and sort of watching) TV shows while cleaning out a bin of playdough and playdough tools (throwing away the dried out ones, running all the plastic through soap and water. I do not do this very often for a really good reason; it is ludicrously time consuming. But A. has been playing with the playdough again, so it's got to be done.