January 29th, 2015

Today's Activities Include: late late and more late

While A.'s school was a full day, T.'s was two hours delayed (different town). That explained why his van didn't show up at the usual time, altho it does not fully explain why it didn't show up ever. I gave up after I called CASE and got all lines are busy leave a message (which I did and they never called me back). I drove him in, which meant that I was driving towards Littleton when I was already late for an appointment (for my car) in Sudbury. I called the dealership and gave them the option to bail out, but they said naw, come on by. So I dropped son off in Littleton, drove past my house on the way to Sudbury, sat in the waiting room for a half hour, 45 minutes reading a book, then returned to my house to recharge partway (the car) and eat lunch (me), before returning to pick son up in Littleton so I could take him to his semi-annual appointment with the neurologist in Lexington.

Busy day.

Because of the afternoon timing, R. had to take off work early to meet A. (sitter unavailable today/tomorrow) and take her to the play therapist. I told son I'd take him out to eat wherever he liked and he picked Cafe Luigi where he got chicken fingers (all he ever eats, I swear, except the occasional slice of cheese pizza or a ham and cheese sandwich. Altho, to be fair, he'll occasionally eat raw sugar snap peas in the pod. I should probably not complain) and I had the mussels marinara. Which, while not particularly inspired, were perfectly acceptable. Also, Cafe Luigi in Bedford is right next to Whole Foods, so I picked up some vegan scones. Because.

We were on time to the neurologist, by some miracle of towns closer into Boston doing a much more comprehensive job of plowing and treating. I assume this is because they are richer, because there's a real noticeable gradient. I'm reading the latest Jeaniene Frost Night Prince book and feeling like I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with this series. It has gotten violent in a really icky sort of way. I don't say that lightly.