December 27th, 2014


Some very dear friends who we don't see often brought fondue over for Solstice. Super fun! After I have fondue, I think, why cook any other way? Then I go, oh, yeah, those are low temp fryers. Maybe keep it for special occasions.

I remembered seeing The Melting Pot in Knoxville, TN, back in 2003 or thereabouts. I always assumed that like Shear Elegance or Cutting Edge hair salons, it was just an overused name. Nope. It is a huge chain! Started in Florida in the late 1970s. Weird.


I waste time on the Internet. I really like Business Insider for tabloid-y goodness. But they also do lifehacker type articles, including many on the importance of getting enough sleep. So wonderful to see many of my folk health beliefs repeated all in one place!

Build muscle, learn more effectively, avoid illness and have a healthy sex drive, all by getting more z's! Really, who doesn't want this to be true.

Smart Watches

As I have noted, I waste time on the Internet, especially BI. They sometimes plug their premium info product, which I never buy (gigaom and other blogs do this also). Recently, they teased their smart watch analysis by saying there is no killer app, a death knell, in theory for a new electronic product category.

But I see some flaws. I think the target demo for this thing is not young professionals, but rather middle aged parents, who would love to never fish out a credit card again, since they lose the card, their coffee, other purchases or a small child with every transaction triggered juggle. And I have been specifically begging for watch based payment since my first encounter with Disney's Magic Band.

Who will be right?

Time will tell. Sorta like a watch, smart or otherwise.