December 6th, 2014

The p- to e- transition, plate return edition

I gave my previous car to my mother-in-law, as her car was reaching the end of its reliability. She recently sent the plates back up to us, which I foolishly believed had to be physically returned to RMV.


I drove down to Framingham AAA, which provides RMV services on Saturday, and they said, nope, go online and do it there, print the receipt and give it to your insurance. As near as I can tell, you don't actually turn over the plates to anyone any more? Really? *shrug* I still need to communicate with my insurance agent (also AAA), but they are closed at the moment. I'll try calling on Monday and see if I can email them the .pdf receipt. Because then I could do the whole thing without leaving the house (honestly, I don't know why I had my mother-in-law send me the plates, but perhaps we'll need them at some point in this process).

A Kind Word to the Wise

Feeling depressed, grumpy and unable to enjoy your life? Is everyone being totes unreasonable and overly excited about stuff you don't care about? Or, conversely, do you find everyone out of tune with the things that are important to you?

It is December 6, and for much of the country recently, it has been dark and dreary. It's going to stay dark and dreary for a while yet. If you have a friend, mentor or counselor who you trust and who has good perspective, this is a good time of year to reach out to them for a little emotional support and, if that is appropriate for you, a medication checkup.

Your friends and family really do love you, even if they are being annoying or seem distant at the moment. I know this all is true, and I write this to remind me, and the people I care about, which, if you are reading this, includes you.