October 29th, 2014

_Burn For Me_, Ilona Andrews, first Hidden Legacy novel

I lurrrrvvee the Kate Matthews series set in a post magical weird thing Atlanta. I even like the ancillary stories and novel. I tried reading the Edge series and bounced. I may one day return, because the Ilona Andrews writing team apparently has a rep for slow starts that then get really good. With that warning in mind, and having bounced off the most recent Kris Longknife book (I'll get back to it, almost certainly), I read _Burn For Me_.

Short form: Wheeee! I look forward to the next one and hope for a long and profitable for the Ilona Andrews team project.


Everyone gone? Okee.

The front matter almost did me in. It is eye roll central for the background on the Osiris Serum and its impact on society (shades of JAK's Founder's Formula, much? Altho I also kept thinking of some of the Wild Cards universe), and the Waller's visit to Mad Rogan felt way over the top.

Good news! The book itself is nothing like that front matter. Instead, we get Kate, er, Nevada, snarking off to wildly powerful men (Augustine she calls a Terrible Person -- which is true, but tactless, Adam Pierce she buys a t-shirt for because he's shirtless in so much of his social media coverage, and wow the shit she flips Connor Rogan is really, really uncalled for albeit extremely humorous), and generally being heroic. Inevitably, the apparently under-powered Kate, er, Nevada turns out not to be underpowered at all, just in hiding. And because she is in hiding, she hasn't developed her magic much and doesn't really even know what her magic is.

Basically, if you like Kate and Curran, and you're up for new names, a wildly different family setup, different magic system, different tech environment, Houston instead of Atlanta, Family dynasties instead of vampires/werewolves/etc., you'll love this. Love love love this. I sure did.

Gimme more.

Minimal sexoring, and the sexoring which is present involves magical powers, which is for me, somewhat meh. Also the I Want All That Focus And Attention Pointed At Me turned out to be a bit triggery for me but probably won't be for anyone else.

Today's Activities Include: sick kid, errands

T. continues to be sick. He had a fever, so he won't be at school tomorrow, either. It has been the week of Cancel. I caught up on stuff around the house (laundry, dishes), turned A. over to the sitter so they could go to some sort of Halloween thing at the Rainforest Cafe (A. finds out about stuff like this and then _remembers_ the date _and_ the time of day, and will nag to find out whether the time has arrived and make sure she gets there. She is _6_. She does not have any kind of time management equipment. I am a little frightened; she's a lot like I was). They came back with still more Build-A-Bear stuff. Fortunately, I sent the page with the rewards coupon on it with them. But I get ahead of myself. R. came home and the three of us went to 99 where for once I actually ordered food. The burger is good, especially with the sauteed mushrooms etc. Fries are so-so; if I do this again I'm going to see if they'll swap the side. Usually if I'm with T. at 99, I've already had dinner and just get decaf.

The errands happened after dinner. T. was out of Johnson's no more tangles and as the person in the house with the longest hair currently, he kinda needs it. Walgreens in Maynard closed up shop back in July and I ONLY JUST NOW NOTICED. This is probably a part of why they closed up shop, not me personally, but probably there were a lot of people not shopping there for months at a time and that was the end of that. Next up: CVS at the Plaza -- found the spot on the shelf and it was empty. Tried the grocery store; they don't carry that item. Went home with groceries and went to the CVS on Great Rd, which I am going to start with the next time, because they had the detangler AND they had the small hand sanitizer with the hang it from a strap wrap thingie, which I had been looking for and failing to find.

It's been pretty boring around here. I've been playing the Halloween levels of Frozen Free Fall, interspersed with T. asking me to play PvZ (original) on his new kindle fire. I watched a ton of TV today and yesterday (sound down, making sure T. wasn't looking at the screen when I was watching those portions of NCIS, NCIS:LA, Castle, etc. that involved dead bodies and/or violence). I'm really hoping he gets better soon.