October 27th, 2014

Today's Activities Include: a walk in the woods, second breakfast, picking up the sick kid

I was tempted to try to reschedule my Tuesday Dutch lesson to today, because Tuesday is a half day for A. (I know, weird.). But then yesterday, T. sounded like he had a scratchy throat and I didn't really expect him to go to school today.

Yet go to school he did! I got to walk down to Great Hill and do the loop and have second breakfast at Julie's Place (best overheard conversation ever: "My girlfriend has a crazy lesbian stalker" "But kinda cool, tho!" "No, not cool at all." Others chimed in on the not coolness and further details followed. I have to say, when I am around people who are 15-20 years give or take younger than me, I have wonderful, optimistic feelings about our world. Somewhere in the conversation was, "Oh, the kind of if she were a man you'd hunt him down and kill him" suggests there is still some progress before full equality occurs, but still! Optimism!) and walk the rest of the way home before I got the call from the nurse's office. Weirdly, I had left my phone in the pannier, planning to go to the grocery store to pick up a couple things and get cash at the bank. But my iPad mini was ringing, so I answered it (I didn't actually realize that you could receive calls on an iPad? Like, not Facetime audio, actual regular calls?) and said I'd pick him up in a few minutes.

On the way to Littleton, it dawned on me that we have truly attained peak communication ability. My land line (digital voice) means I can actually have a long conversation on the phone with some nuance left (which is entirely gone in a lot of cell-to-cell calls), but the land line also rings my cell, so if I'm not at home, I can answer it before it gets to the answering machine, if I so desire. I can (but rarely do) bluetooth my cell to the home handsets. And it turns out if I've left my phone somewhere but one of the other mobile devices is available, it'll ring those (I wonder if it rings my laptop, too?).

It's like there are extensions everywhere. I think this is a good thing, but I grew up in a household that had a handset in the bathroom, so I recognize my perspective is probably a little off from the norm.

Call quality on the iPad was not great.

Weird how things work out sometimes: travel edition

Perhaps this is the subconscious planner mocking me.

I set up a grocery order with an arrival time of day between 2 and 4 p.m., altho my flight wasn't going to be landing until after 2 p.m. When I looked at this later, I was like, that's weird. Why would I do that?

The flight we were on had a very late airplane change that, long story short, caused us to bump to an earlier flight, arriving at 12:30.

Murphy struck in our favor this one time?

T. was mostly tolerant of the long and many phone calls (sometimes simultaneous) to the airline, other people traveling with us who might have an opinion, the people who will be delivering us to the airport, etc. Altho in the middle, he decided he really really really wanted to know when his skateboard will be arriving.