July 11th, 2014

I Think, Hey, Everyone's Gone, I Can Do Something Uninterrupted!

Yeah, worst jinx thought ever.

I did manage to brush my teeth, but when I went to shave my legs, the next thing I know my husband in full bike regalia is yelling at me about FedEx and I'm like, they do not need my attention in any way shape or form but R. is still bugging me about whether I ordered one weight or two. Foolishly, I answered two, and then we're chasing the FedEx guy down and I'm signing for crap. Lovely.

Yes, I explained, I did order two, but nothing has gone missing because I ordered two but Amazon generated two shipments, in fact, I am pretty sure (and I was right) that one was going to be going to be via UPS and one via FedEx. But the box _was_ exploded so it does make sense to log that.

And now iPhoto is driving me nuts with import notices from whatever R. did last night and I don't know how to turn it off.

So much for hey, I can do something uninterrupted!