June 19th, 2014

Back from Hershey; Trip Report later

Just a brief note that we were out of town June 15-19 and are now back. I will hopefully do a trip report for our visit to Hershey Camping Resort (4 nights, 1 bedroom deluxe cabin, with my sister and her family in the identical set up next to us) and HersheyPark (3 days, including time in the water park portion; my sister did ZooAmerica but we did not). But if I don't, the short form is, yay! Totes fun! Clean, and while kind of a haul for us (6 hours plus whatever stops), quite convenient to a variety of family members on both sides.

While we were out of town, SolarCity installed solar panels on our roof (we knew this was going to happen, so it's not like a surprise or anything). We are probably supposed to do something, which we will figure out tomorrow. We have unpacked and are doing laundry. Also up tomorrow: my precheck appointment. So that should be Fun. (<-- For suitable values of Fun.)

As I am completely exhausted, and my photos have safely been archived off my phone to my Flickr account, I am now going to go sleep.