June 3rd, 2014

Miscellaneous Daily Activites and Observations

We've done a couple things around the house, and I wanted to follow up on how that turned out.

We had someone replace a broken kitchen faucet. The new one has proved to be consistently wonderful. We had other people come put in additional circuits/outlets. Now, the toaster oven and the microwave can run at the same time, and the printer doesn't consistently trip a breaker. Our life is better for this.

We ordered a kit from Chamberlain and downloaded an app, so we can now open one of our garage doors using the app. Alas, it opens mysteriously sometimes without anyone doing anything. We're not sure why. We press the lock button to keep it from opening overnight, and also when we leave for a weekend or on vacation. We also set an alert to notify us whenever it opens or closes, so if we're out and about we can promptly re-close it if necessary. Good news: when someone came over to install a new washing machine and I wasn't home, I could open the garage for them and they could get right to work.

Also, the gargantuan new washing machine is completely fantastic in every way.

We got the kiddy pool out for the first time this year. With the enormous umbrella and a few chairs, it turns our driveway back-around space into a summer play area. The plastic pink flamingos are on the way.

The new bike (Breezer Uptown Infinity) continues to be a real pleasure to ride, and works well with the panniers I already had for the Bianchi. I still sort of prefer the crank forward design of the Townie; maybe someday I'll finally get a Rans. But the Nuvinci is truly joyous. I love it.

I finally used my Hoka One One shoes, bought because of the extra cushiness of the sole. The bottoms are not as extreme as Skechers or MBT or similar, however, they do fall off a bit on the heel so I tend to lean further backwards just standing until I remember to move back onto the ball of my foot. This is probably more in the nature of a bug than a feature; I'll probably come back to this in a future post. They are _very_ cushy to walk in, and they do roll forward in a very energizing way while walking.

I finally decided to give Duolingo a try. Since they don't seem to do Dutch for English speakers yet, and because I wasn't convinced there was any point in using French (via this system), I figured I'd try out something new. Turns out that all those people who claim that Spanish is really phonetic and regular are not kidding around.

Oh, and I got a really short haircut that I am very excited about. I'm hoping the kids don't freak out.