May 14th, 2014

Today's Activities Include: caught up on indexing, half day, swimming, phone call from Illinois

By dint of doing an increasingly less detailed job (reading less and tagging less consistently, and very erratically removing spam comments), I got through the rest of the indexing project. (What this is: I have a hand built index on my website of book posts on this blog. I do this mostly because google doesn't always seem to find book comments that I write here on LJ -- not sure why, because I've checked all the right boxes to let search engines do their thing; probably some sort of site wide LJ thing. *shrug* The index, when kept up to date, fixes that problem.)

It was T.'s half day, so he had swimming. I had a brain-o and forgot his swim bag so we had to turn around half way there and were thus about 12 minutes late. Fortunately, so was the next lesson after, so it worked out just fine.

B. forgot her key, but we were back before A.'s van arrived and it was a really nice day anyway. I could have let her in with my phone (which she knew, but didn't bother to call right away).

Tomorrow is A.'s half day. I'll either have to blog something about Alfie Kohn, or find something else to procrastinate with.

ETA: I also got a phone call from Ann Callis, who is running in Illinois for the 13th. I was sort of amazed to be receiving a cold call from an actual candidate, and she had a solid presentation of what she had done already as a judge and what organizations endorsed her. Obvs, she's not trying to get my vote, and I never give money over the phone to people who call me, but after doing a little further research, I was happy to give the amount she was asking for via ActBlue. One of the things I particularly like about women running for office who actively pursue donations out of state is that it increases, over time, our "bench" of women to consider for the very highest national levels of public service. I know it's a midterm and I know it's early, but give some thought to identifying women candidates who align with your values as a voter and giving money to them. Every little bit helps.