May 13th, 2014

Recent Activities Include: procrastination, indexing, pre check

I got so annoyed at Alfie Kohn (and I'm still contemplating _why_ he's so irritating, but I'm starting to distill it down to something bloggable) that I decided to do some of the things that have been sitting on the To Do list. I called the swimming pool and asked what their records showed about my membership. Then I tracked down the missing renewal notice, filled it out, wrote a check and put it in the mail. I also went to Trader Joe's to pick up some bread and no salt added marinara sauce. I even deposited a check that arrived in Monday's mail before the trash was picked up, which is crazy early for mail to arrive at our house. I also paid a bill and transferred money, things like that.

This took care of the low hanging fruit. So then I started putting stuff into my calendar (the iOS/Apple version and the paper one that hangs in the kitchen). This included going through e-mail and scheduling appointments, confirming dates and times for the kids' summer terms, etc. So that was the medium difficulty stuff. I also, on a lark, checked in over at TSA Pre-Check's pre-enrollment and they actually had appointments in Waltham! So I signed up for one.

Finally, I thought I'd work a bit on indexing book reviews (here) on my website. This includes tagging book reviews that I never tagged (either because it was before I started tagging stuff, or I just missed it or whatever). I usually also will tag other posts, especially genealogy posts. This is incredibly time consuming, because of course I wind up reading a bunch of my old posts, in this case from 2011. Two observations: wow, I'm glad I got a lot more aggressive about giving up on books; I've already written a lot more on a genealogy memoir than I had realized. And it is now tagged, somewhat. Keen.