March 27th, 2014

Daily Activites Include: A.'s half day, T. came home sick, play therapy with S., shopping

Today was A.'s half day. Around the time we were headed out the door for her swimming lesson, I got a call from E., T.'s teacher, saying he was napping and wanted to go home. So I canceled the swimming lesson, and A. and I instead drove to T.'s school to pick him up. We then went home. At a little after noon, we all headed to the preschool to drop A. off. Many people there were happy to see T., who went there some years ago. After we left A. with G., her speech therapist, T. and I walked up to the central office where we waited for a bit then dropped off A.'s registration for kindergarten. The lady there was very nice, and gave me a couple more forms to fill out.

Then T. and I went home and hung out. I caught up on The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Then A. came home and we all went to S.'s office to have play therapy/a play date. We played with the ball dart board. We played with the doll house. And T. had a bunny from the dollhouse ride a skateboard around the office and we chased the bunny because the bunny was violating all kinds of traffic rules. But the bunny kept escaping.

After that, we went to the toy store, where T. bought Perfection, which he had fun with when we got home. A. bought some stuffed animals, one of which was from My Little Pony, which she promptly demanded episodes of when we arrived at home.

After dinner, I went to the grocery store. And a little later, T. asked to do chores (seriously, how cool is that!). We started the dishwasher and the washing machine. I used the treadmill. We also went out again to get gas. We've brushed our teeth and next will be bed.