March 21st, 2014

Daily Activities Include: lead lab, T. has a fever, school

Today, T. read a book with J. He does not remember the name of the book or any of the characters. He does remember doing some Touch Math with J. He also did cooking with J. He says they made oreo pie (we did not send in the ingredients for that, this time, which we often do, so I am a little surprised -- it sure explains his lack of interest in food however). He says he had cheese pizza for lunch.

I received a call from his teacher, E., during the school day. They were checking all the kids for fever. He says the nurse came in. RHI that about 70 kids from the elementary school were out sick, which is pretty amazing. We got a recorded call the night before that a Festival of Cultures event (which we had no awareness of) was canceled due to extensive illness. T. had a fever of 99.x, but was acting normally and so did not need to go home.

A. was supposed to have blood drawn for a lead lab yesterday, but I forgot, so we rescheduled it to today. R. took her; she was apparently pretty cooperative, so, yay! That is, I believe, the last of the medical requirements for her to enter kindergarten in the fall (she has one of her two annual physicals coming up in May -- one is with the regular pediatrician, this one is with her neurologist).

A young man, G., came by from SolarCity, and gave us the spiel. We have scheduled a site audit for the end of April. It is mildly tempting to have an estimate produced by someone else for a we-buy-it system (SolarCity is a leased system); I don't know whether I will actually be that ambitious. We had previously not believed our site was viable; I guess a site audit will answer that question.