March 12th, 2014

Daily Activities Include: swimming, more counting, analog time, lunch at Julie's Place

T. says that today he did more counting by fives, this time with his teacher E. He also worked on telling analog time. He did some adding and subtracting. Some aspect of the curriculum is called "touch math". It seems to be this:

He also did counting by twos, with a chart (the fives he is now able to do without a chart) that goes up to 100.

He also did some reading, apparently one of the Fly Guy books by Tedd Arnold.

It was his half day, so he came home around 1. We left shortly thereafter to go to the swimming pool where he played for about a half hour. Then he had a longer lesson than usual to make up for some short lessons before. When we got home, the babysitter had arrived in time to meet A. and they all played together.

After I dropped off A. at school, I went grocery shopping at Roche Bros., where they were in the process of completely rearranging everything. This was a little frustrating, because now I have to relearn the layout -- all my learned efficiencies are gone.

I had a walk with my friend M. I went to lunch at Julie's Place. I also worked through the details of what I want to say when I call DVC in a few days, a process which always seems to take me a ludicrously long time, but is really worth it in terms of making sure I get what I want when I do make the call (this is in no way related to the previous series of Disney phone calls).

Since Monday, T. has been requesting Star Wars (more or less since I explained how his play date wasn't allowed to have PvZ sort of like he wasn't allowed to watch Star Wars. Honestly, this is why I don't have this kind of rule.). After some discussion -- and figuring in the fact that T. was likely to mostly ignore it anyway -- R. and I decided it would probably be okay to let him watch the original one, altho I am reluctant to let him see Empire. Return would probably be okay, too (a resurrection, instead of a freeze, cute Ewoks, the hand is shown has having a competent replacement, etc.). No freaking way does he get to watch episodes 1-3 until he's considerably older. The discs arrived today (discs!! Can't get it on iTunes. Or anywhere else digitally, for that matter. *sigh*) and, as predicted, T. mostly ignored it after requesting it, and gave up partway through (I think around the point where Luke is trying to convince Han to help him rescue Leia).