February 10th, 2014

Today's Activities Include: more cancel, T. and French, Santa

T. has had a cold, and stayed home from school today, so I had to cancel and reschedule my hair appointment. The reschedule has to be for after school vacation week, so I suppose at this point, if I go swimming it hardly matters, because my hair doesn't look that great at the moment anyway so I don't really need to worry about further fading.

I got Rosetta Stone French recently, and T. has wanted to participate. He wanted it on his computer, but when I realized the license was for only two seats and R. wanted to use it as a refresher also, I talked T. into using Babbel, instead. We use it mostly on his computer, but lately he's wanted to use it on his phone. I feel a little bad potentially confusing him, but he doesn't seem to have any trouble keeping this all separate from English, and Babbel's approach is pretty translation based anyway so in a way it helps with his English reading/spelling.

The kids have become obsessed with Santa again. T. seems to really believe in him (this isn't because of anything we did. This is an artifact of TV shows) and is currently watching the Doc McStuffins Christmas episode obsessively (previous focus on Xmas involved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Christmas episodes and similar). T. likes taking the tunnel (if you don't know what one is, I think this is the one we have, or something a lot like it: http://www.amazon.com/Pacific-Play-Tents-See-Tunnel/dp/B0007YDC0E/) and setting it up as a "chimney", and then putting toys in it. Fortunately, he figured out pre-emptively not to put electronic devices and/or computers into it. So that's good. I realized today that it was packed with toys, and decanted the contents and put them away. That process took about a half hour -- it was very full.

And in further cancel, the woman who cleans our house was unable to come today (which is fine; we really ought to cut back to every two weeks, or to fewer hours or something, because we're keeping up a lot better than we used to when we first set this up). Which all things considered is just as well, given that T. is home sick. I'm slowly working my way through the kitchen, so it won't be two weeks worth of sticky, on the off chance next week is another cancel.