January 20th, 2014

Sort of a novel excuse


Lots of victims willing to testify. There are pictures (video? I'm a little uncertain). The lawyer has sort of a novel take on why this guy _isn't_ a pedophile:

"Een pedofiel wordt als pedofiel geboren. Híj ging door eenzaamheid op zoek naar spanning en kwam bij minderjarigen uit."

As near as I can tell, he's arguing the guy abused minors not because of his Basic Nature, but because he was "eenzaamheid" and looking for "spanning". Basically: lonely and bored/looking for excitement.

Wow. I've been lonely and/or bored, and yet that has never been a place I looked to relieve either. I don't understand Dutch/Belgian (because the guy's victims were across two countries) laws well enough to understand how this argument could benefit the accused. And I'm not sure I _want_ to understand, for that matter (altho I suspect it's the difference between we-don't-sentence-you-we-just-lock-you-up-until-there-is-a-cure-that-is-never vs. do n years and then we turn you loose).