November 7th, 2013

Back from the World

We have returned from our trip to WDW. We got to experience the new Magic Bands, which is an RFID based NFC system, used as the room key, for charging to the room account, for theme park tickets, and the new Fast Pass Plus system. I'll blog about that in more detail later, in part because other commentary I've seen on it seems to dramatically misunderstand.

Due to a combined failing on R.'s and my part, we left my black carryon bag in the motorcoach (the underneath part). I'm working with DME to get it back and am currently somewhat optimistic, which is to say I've filed the claim but not heard anything back yet, however, it is still so early (around 8 hours have elapsed since we failed to pick it up and as I am typing this) that I am not worried that I haven't heard back from them yet.

I didn't take any Dramamine on this trip, but I'm still really punchy -- not safe to drive, even.