October 16th, 2013

Catalog Choice features

As part of the ongoing and somewhat massive decluttering/redorating/home organization/time management wtfery, I signed up for Catalog Choice a while back. It was really helpful in reducing the incoming volume of catalogs. They have an App that lets you take a picture of the address section and they'll do the rest. It forced me to hang onto each catalog for just a tiny bit longer, but the results were worth it.

One catalog was persistently Not Going Away. I submitted three or four stop requests, and then I ignored them for a few months, and then I took a good look at what my choices were on Catalog Choice. I noticed that Catalog Choice would file a complaint with the FTC for me. Well, what do you know about that.

So I submitted another opt-out and a complaint that the previous opt-outs were being ignored. And that got a reply from the source. Here's hoping it translates into meaningful action. I had a ton of trouble with this company last Xmas, when I ordered a gift card to be mailed to a friend and it was stolen from their mailbox. I reported it immediately, and got months of run-around. I got so frustrated by how long the process was taking, that I complained over at PayPal, and they failed to respond to _PayPal_, so I got my money back that way -- and then they finally did produce a replacement card for my friend. (Happy Holidays -- in March.) So I don't have great associations with this company, despite the fact that things were Eventually Made Right.

I know why they stay in business. I'm _very_ clear on why they stay in business. But it's still annoying, and they won't be getting any more of mine. I am extremely happy about Catalog Choice, tho.

best bogus sign-up ever

I have a gmail address, that I don't use very often, but I have to check in over there all the time because, for whatever reason, people with my name all over the world keep signing up for crap using my gmail address. They buy stuff and give the shop my address, type of thing. I've even gotten confirms/questions regarding wedding plans and funeral arrangements. This isn't someone trying to mess with me -- these are errors, probably people leaving out an initial or a number or something. For a while I was getting baby pictures.

Anyway. Today I got a notification that I had signed up for something, which is not uncommon, and I started to do my usual reply: I didn't sign up for this. Please take me off your list. Etc. Then I thought, what the heck is "lesbotronic" anyway?


Best. Bogus. Sign-up. Ever.

On the one hand, I _definitely_ don't want someone else's profile on lesbotronic associated with me. That would be confusing and bad in so many ways. On the other hand, it is ever so slightly tempting to sign myself up over there now (hey, just to make sure no one does this again, amirite?), because, Fun!

Not entirely honest (I don't really have the time, energy or interest in finding other partners at this time), either. Still. Tempting.