August 9th, 2013

A Purple Straw Hat

New Theory and Possible Solution to my iTunes Match Woes

R. says our router is Known Problematic for people using torrents, because its network translation table is really small, so if you establish and want to maintain and intermittently use a particular connection (which iTunes Match, as a locker service, sort of behaves like during the upload phase) AND you do enough other stuff (browsing the web, say) that touches that table, you may wind up blowing away the entry you are relying up then Fail. But if you very carefully don't do much if anything else on the network, maybe you are okay.

Important to remember that all the devices in the house (including a Tivo doing Goddess Knows What at all hours) also go through that same router, so if I just sit and do nothing, there might still be too much going on (possibly even without human involvement, altho not very likely).

This matches my sense that if I quit using the computer and just let the Match roll along, it has a better chance of working than if I beaver away uploading more discs and reading news.

In any event, I got through the process again this morning, so the library is now up to just under 7000 songs, of which just under 1200 are uploaded. So in the end, I'm seeing the same 20% upload rate that a lot of other people were getting, with comparable distribution (obscure and/or older stuff is more likely to upload than newer and/or better known stuff).

I'm done with my A-z stuff, and I've done all the not-jewel-box discs and sets that are in donate-able condition. I still have the classical, compilations and operas to do (they are in sets and are done-able, but I don't want to donate them so I am going to keep them).

The end is definitely in sight, and is about 100 discs away. It's funny, because I've always thought of this as a comparatively small music collection, since my husband's always seemed about 10 times the size. The number he comes up with is actually more like 5x, but I'm not entirely certain I believe him. Sometimes he underestimates. In any event, recent googling suggests that my library size isn't anywhere near as small as I had been thinking it was.

ETA: While this review is a little dated at this point and not as detailed as many other reviews, I think it offers the clearest perspective on the benefits and problems of iTunes Match.

I don't fully understand why people are not perceiving iTunes Match as essentially converting your physical CDs into an online license, because that's how I think of it. I assume I'm missing something that other people have and care about a lot.
A Purple Straw Hat

Rorschach used to say we really needed artificial stupidity: here it is

Of course it's not stupid at all, which is sort of the point. But Google's massive system for detecting fraudulent advertising detected IRL car thieves, because certain aspects of the behavior (new accounts, fast transactions) matched -- it "stupidly" thought that was the same, even tho it "obviously" wasn't and that turned out to be very clever indeed.

Another way to think about this is emergent artificial intelligence. Or, like arithmetic, something that we will grow so accustomed to in its automated form that we forget we ever associated detecting it in the human form as requiring much in the way of intelligence at all.
A Purple Straw Hat

the last of the discs?

I'm down to my last plastic bin of discs; this one is opera. There are only about 50 discs in it (versus three or more times that many in the others), however, in order to preserve some possibility of listening to these in a coherent manner, I'm setting up a playlist for each one (I did the same for the two audiobooks I ripped). This adds a little time to the process, altho not a lot, because it interleaves with the wait while ripping.

I realized that I had holiday music in a different bin and retrieved that as well. I suspect there's probably an additional stash of discs up on the third floor. I sort of remember a thin stack of them on a bookshelf.

The end is definitely in sight. While I continue to have a lot of network errors as match tries to update, it is keeping up well enough that I am not worried about it (much). I'm currently at just under 8000 tracks, of which around 1500 have uploaded.