July 22nd, 2013

A Purple Straw Hat

Daily Activities Include: general tso's, doctor who, and other mundanities

Partly because of the jetlag of last week, and partly just-because, I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately and thus engaging in a bunch of my pathologies to feel better. I've decluttered (old computer cleared off and out of the house! Woot! Also, a big bag of clothes went out the door), done some retail therapy (new consumer electronics, whee!), caught up on stuff around the house (for a very brief moment in time, the dining table had nothing on it but the vinyl tablecloth. Weird. Cool, but weird. Also, I've seen the bottom of all the clothes hampers at the same time. Again, briefly.). I haven't done some things that are arguably a lot more important (K-1s. Ugh. And I justify this on the basis that I am still waiting for one. Once the last one is in, I have no excuse). But I did some things that were truly bugging me (double checked some reservations in the relatively near future. They are all okay, yay, including that all the other participants seem to be aware of and okay with the plan).

T. has also been pushing for playdates (also bizarre. Cool, but super unusual), so I've been doing a bunch of track-down-parents-and-extend-invites, and let's just say that that's actually even more tricky when special needs are involved -- while acknowledging that arbitrating playdates for _any_ group of kids involves some serious diplomacy.

The good news is, I'm finally feeling better. The rest of the day looks pretty straightforward. Tomorrow seems okay as well. Wednesday will be somewhat exciting, but in the meantime, I caught up on a couple days worth of Daily Show/Colbert Report, and two episodes of Doctor Who which had been sitting on the Tivo for a while. I also thawed out another package of the Costco chicken thighs and made General Tso's.

This whole way-too-much child care thing is pretty amazing. And I know the kids are down with it, because when B. had to stop by the house to pick up a couple things, A. told her she'd just wait in the car. :-)