July 20th, 2013

A Purple Straw Hat

Daily Activities Include: open gym at gymnastics, playdate, Wendy's, mall

Today, we went to open gym at gymnastics. T. did not want to play; he wanted his teacher. But A. was happy to play. Then we went to a playdate for A. (but T. came along, too) with her friend from preschool, and her friend's younger sister. R. and I liked the parents a lot. We all had a really nice time. Then R., the kids and I all went to Wendy's for lunch. After lunch, we drove to Burlington, to drop off the now emptied iMac and an old laptop at Best Buy. Then we went to the mall, to go to the Apple Store, and buy T. a new iPad and a new case. He had an original iPad, which had no camera, and iOS on the original iPad does not support GameCenter. Some of the games he is playing need a camera or they won't even download. Many games that use GameCenter will get stuck in a useless loop, unless you turn off wifi entirely. So we concluded it was Time to get him a new piece of hardware. He is very happy, but demanding "mail" to be set up on his iPad. I told him that we will set up "mail" on his iPad when he learns to read. R. thinks we should wait until he is 13, but I feel like this is typical fatherly behavior, wanting to protect children from The Big Bad World.

It was a very busy day for us; we never have multiple scheduled activities on a Saturday. But it was fun, altho we are now tired. A. and I got new purses at Macy's (Kipling mini-bags) and A. got socks and a new pair of Princess Aurora sneakers at StrideRiter. The sneakers have lights that flash with each step.