July 14th, 2013

A Purple Straw Hat

videos! Decluttering, speech, etc.

Right now, T. is watching They Might Be Giants 1,2,3. He's currently on the days of the week one with "I never go to work" -- which I use as a ring tone, because I think that's hilariously funny.

This is horribly confusing, because I feel like the TV is calling me. *sigh*

He's mostly been watching Teletubbies, with some Mickey Mouse and other stuff thrown in. Today, he wanted to take all the discs out of the carry case and put them back in their plastic boxes in the cabinet. I was unable to not turn this into a gigantic alphabetize and purge exercise. It's really nice now, but trying to get him to shelve spine out is a struggle.

While this is happening, I'm dumping stuff into iOS calendars and currently am researching how to share an iOS calendar, because I've been screwed about three times too many by google calendar and I _think_ iOS will now do what I want it to. We Shall See.

ETA: The "speech" part is that T. is talking a ton, describing what is happening in the videos.