June 14th, 2013

A Purple Straw Hat

PG on the DOJ/Apple price fixing trial

The Passive Voice is an entertaining blogger that I learned about through reading the always enjoyable Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader. PG ("Passive Guy") is a lawyer, but this particular blog is more about publishing and writing. Many of PG's posts are extensive quotes/links to other news items/blog entries and then sparse but fantastic commentary on those quotes. I don't link to or mention this blog often, but I really like it a lot, and have been checking in more regularly to see if he has interesting things to say about the Apple anti-trust trial that is currently in progress.


PG first points to HuffPo coverage of Sargent, CEO of MacMillan, saying things about AG Holder, the DOJ, the case, etc. All of that is sort of surprising (people usually clam up after they settle) but sort of not (this is not the first time Sargent has spoken on the record inappropriately and hilariously). PG then explains how settlements often work and why Sargent speaking in this situation may well be a Terrible Idea. His last sentence is priceless:

"These folks prove absolutely nothing to anybody by acting like brats in court when they’ve already lost their case. Even your basic cocaine dealer knows better than that."

The whole thing is worth your time, including the linked-to HuffPo coverage. It's really a lesson in, this is why everyone says no comment whenever a reporter asks a genuinely useful and interesting question.

PG has other coverage of the trial; it is all worth reading as well. Here's his comment on the draft vs. sent Jobs' e-mail question, directly addressing coverage of the same issue over at AllThingsD:

A Purple Straw Hat

Today's Activities Include: pictures!

R. and I went for a walk, because the rain let up a lot sooner than either of us expected. We stopped in at the Spruce Street Cafe, which continues to serve us an excellent lunch altho, sadly, once again, no vegan baked items available.

After our return home, the lovely woman who takes pictures of the kids for us about once a year came by to drop them off. I didn't order any storyboards this time: a couple 8x10s, a couple 11x14s and a bunch of smaller prints. This time I got a digital print so I could use it for holiday cards in a few months. A quick trip to the frame shop and I had frames for the 2 11x14s plus one more to reframe R.'s portrait from the mid 1990s. Somehow, the wood of the frame got mildewed, while leaving the matte and print intact. Go figure. R. got everything up on the wall -- I pulled one of T.'s 8x10 school photos from a couple years ago down and replaced it with one of the 8x10s (T.'s photo moved into a binder in a photo page). The other 8x10 went into a frame scavenged from the basement. Since it was an easel frame, it is now sitting on top of a bookcase upstairs in the master suite.

There's still a stack of photos in boxes waiting to be mailed out to relatives and/or inserted into albums, but I did get the web images off the disk and onto FB. This was definitely one of those days where I went, wow, a year ago, it would have just all stayed in a stack on a shelf or table somewhere until I got around to mailing the small prints -- and the rest of it would have _stayed_ in a stack indefinitely, maybe moving into a drawer or up to the office or similar.

Altho today I did finally concede two things I'd been denying for a while. (1) The binders are too full; I need more. *sigh* This is the problem with albums. It just encourages more photos. (2) I need an 11x14 album, if I'm not going to just cover every inch of wall space in the house. Which we have decided We Are Not Going To Do.