June 3rd, 2013

Today's Activities Include: I'm not entirely sure

While my morning walk with my walking partner turned into a visit, due to the weather, things improved a little later in the day so I went for a long walk. Along the way, I stopped for lunch at the Spruce Street Cafe, and while I was sad they only had pink grapefruit for sorbetto flavors (I really loathe grapefruit, and the part of the flavor of grapefruit that I really loathe was, alas, present in the sorbetto -- a good sign they're using real grapefruit), and had no vegan baked goodies, the Mediterranean wrap continues to be tasty and I tried one of their granitas (also tasty). My sister would have approved: the owner came by and asked me if I liked it, in Italian ("ti piace?"), and took an extra moment to make sure I understand what she had said. I was wearing a cap that my walking partner bought me as a birthday present; she got it on a recent road trip, and the owners have a strong connection to the area the cap is from.

Beyond the pleasant walk and the really nice lunch, I know I did a ton of little things today, but would be hard pressed to summarize them. It was one of those days devoted to advancing a variety of small projects one more step. We're sending a dining set to Florida, so there were e-mails associated with the move on Friday, extracting contact information to a place where I'll be able to find it quickly, and also with efforts to consign some of the glassware in the sideboard (including a request for pictures). I'm in the middle of a DVC transaction, so there was a phone call associated with that. When the mail arrived, there was a bill in it (wow, not too many of those showing up in paper any more!) that had to be paid. I printed a bunch of stuff as paper backup for an upcoming trip and sent a please-confirm-you-have-my-reservation e-mail to one of places we are staying. I'm getting things started with a Floortime consultant, so e-mails associated with that.

I feel like there has been a lot of this lately; usually it's a good sign that I get to devote some time to advancing a bunch of projects, because it means they aren't stalled waiting for me. Last night, I even got around to updating some recipes in my online cookbook and adding a few. But at the same time, it's hard not to feel like I'm the project manager for my life. Which really should not need a project manager. At least I don't think it should need a project manager.

The kids are having a lot of fun with the new pool. We have a little slice of trailer park heaven in our driveway. We have the blacktop, the kiddie pool, a sprinkler in the kiddie pool, and folding chairs. All we need now are sunbrellas and plastic lawn ornaments. Hmmmm.