May 24th, 2013

Lunch at Spruce Street Bakery and Cafe

R. and I went for a long walk. We were worried -- it was dripping at the beginning, but stopped so it became a long walk. We detoured out to Idylwilde to pick up the produce I wanted that Roche Bros. did not have (horseradish, daikon, mustard leaves were what I wanted and got, but fresh chickpeas, shitake mushrooms and some other odds and ends made it into the basket with them). The odd produce hunt was the result of wanting to try making some Japanese "pickles", which aren't strictly speaking pickles, but never mind that now. I'm having fun with my tsukemono press birthday present.

While we were out, we stopped at the Spruce Street Bakery and Cafe which has vegan baked goodies! Or baked goody: a mint chocolate cupcake today. Wow! Very minty and very tasty icing on a perfectly acceptable cupcake. The husband of the owner stopped by to see if we like things, or I might not have noticed the vegan baked goody in the case. Fortunately, he pointed it out to me, because it would have been sad if I'd left without eating one.

The mediterranean wrap was excellent (the artichoke heart tapenade really made it, altho it was subtle). R. had a burger that came out medium when he ordered medium well, but wasn't off by much and it was tasty. It's much cleaner than the previous cafe in the same location, which is encouraging, and the selection and quality of the food is way better. Also, nicer people. Assuming this was a representative experience, it'll join our regular favorites in town.

Good iced tea, too.