May 18th, 2013

Today's Activities Include: Signs

We went to BCM again today.

Upon our return, T., A. and I went to Staples where we bought a variety of things, including pink binder clips and purple binder clips. We got the small size, just like the usual black plastic ones, only they aren't black. A. decorated a half-size clipboard for a Mother's Day present (this was a preschool activity), and T. decided he needed a clipboard, too, which is part of why we were at Staples. However, the real reason we were there was to buy Restroom signs, you know, the kind with a stylized icon of who is allowed in that particular 'stroom. In this case, it's the three icon: skirt, pants and wheelchair, and the word "Restroom" in all caps.

I did this because A.'s swim instructor had remarked that Santa had brought one of her daughters such a sign for Xmas, and they had then decorated the pants icon with mustache and so forth -- this was very entertaining. But _I_ thought that just the sign would be a huge hit with the kids, and indeed, it is (we got two, one for the upstairs hall bath and one for the downstairs lav). While we were picking out the restroom signs, we picked up "Open/Closed Back at " with a clock face signs, because what kid doesn't need one of those on their door?

I'm not sure I can explain precisely why signs of this sort are so fun at this particular developmental stage, but they are every bit as big a hit as I had hoped they would be.

Alas, I forgot to look for the "No" button that Staples supposedly also sells. *sigh*