May 17th, 2013

Today's Activities Include: Hanging Pictures

A while back, R.'s mother C. gave us some photographs of her parents. I had them framed and put them up on the wall. C. liked that. We liked that. Then we had the interior of the house painted, and all the pictures came down but not all of them went back up, including those photographs.

Today, those photographs, two photographs taken by my friend I. when she was in South Korea, two kid-oriented prints for the playroom (one from my friend R.), five framed Disney photos and an art print of a lizard also from my friend I. finally went back up on the walls. So that was a thing.

We had to fill out some paperwork for T.'s summer school. Two items needed a signature from his doctor; those had to round trip, but the rest were things we had in the house. However, we had to _find_ them, and they were not in any of the files where they really should have been, nor were they in the binder where they might have been. I correctly predicted they would be in R.'s backlog of mail to be filed away, then I got really mad and went through his entire backlog and threw away expired coupons/fliers, scrapbooked the rest of the holiday cards sitting in his stack and took a bunch of stuff that should be filed upstairs and moved it one step closer to that goal by putting it my To Be Filed folder in the hutch.

I know there's a stack of To Be Filed upstairs on top of the filing cabinets upstairs. This is a very bad sign, an indication that I really need to Go Do This, but I know a few other things, too, like, there's more shredding to be done. *sigh* I haven't done any decluttering posts in a while and it reflects my reality.

[ETA: To Be Filed folder has been taken upstairs. That and the stack from previous iterations of the To Be Filed folder have been mostly filed, leaving a much smaller stack to be contemplated in the future. The kids helped me run the shredder until it overheated -- which takes a lot less time than one would think -- getting me another few percentage of the way through the gigantic destroy-old-files project. Even with the big gaps in time, I still destroy paperwork/files faster than I generate paper files; I just wish I could be more consistent about it.]

This week, another of the lamps R. ordered arrived. It still needs bulbs and to be plugged in.

I keep looking at the child's table and chairs in the upstairs hall and thinking, we _never_ use those any more. We really should pass those along to someone.