May 4th, 2013

Recent Activities Include: Boston Children's Museum, Riding around the block

For the last few Saturdays (I think three), we have been going to Boston to go to the Children's Museum. Each Saturday is a little smoother and more fun than the last. We get there maybe 10ish, after stopping at a Dunkin' Donuts. We hang out for about an hour (we erred the first time and stayed until they were so tired they were really cranky). Then we have a little lunch in the cafeteria/Au Bon Pain. Then we come home. Today, we went around the block after we got home, the boys on bikes and A. and I on scooters. It was very nice: just about exactly 70 degrees, sunny with an occasional breeze.

A. likes to do the smash-a-penny machine. I had the sense to get a locker this time, so I wasn't carrying around all the electronic devices that help nail the kids to their seats at lunch but are otherwise not needed. I need to remember that quarters are important in my life again; lately, I've just been dumping change into the tip jar at DD's whenever I am there.

For the first time, A. climbed up and across the rope bridge in the Construction Zone! And I even got video of it. I may edit this later to point to the video on Flickr, altho that might be a little useless since I keep the kids photos and videos Friends and Family only.

We bought them blue t-shirts last week; this week T. got a purple one. A., T. and I all bought sensory toys. Mine was one of these:

Lots of fun to play catch with; people use them in physics classes.