March 2nd, 2013

Recent Activities Include: Playdate, painting samples in the living room, more Rosetta Stone

J. and his mother L. came over for another very pleasant playdate. We didn't do anything special: they played on the scooters for a bit in the driveway then came inside and played for a long while with lots of stuff. L. and I got to chat for awhile, including a little bit about the military's use of Rosetta Stone.

R. painted the two remaining samples in the living room. One is really too dark; the other looks great but R. is worried about the room feeling really dark at night. I hate the overhead lights. We should probably get a couple more pole lights; it is a big room.

I got through Level 2 yesterday, and got through the first Unit of Level 3 today, so (since there are only 3 levels of Rosetta Stone Dutch currently) the End is in Sight. I've set up a meeting with someone to practice speaking next Thursday; that should be interesting. What I probably should be doing is watching Dutch TV, but while it has been easy to switch from reading English language news to laboriously puzzling out an article or two from NRC Handelsblad, I have not managed to actually sit down and watch _anything_ on Maybe on Monday. I hope.

By "The End is in Sight", of course, I do not mean my efforts to learn this language; I just mean my use of this particular course. EuroTalk (I bought two sections worth, IIRC) should be arriving next week, and I'm planning on transferring _Taking Dutch Further_ to mp3 (the copy I have has tapes).

Right now, I'm putting the laptop away and I'm going to bring _The Tiger_ (about Tammany Hall) upstairs and probably not actually read it before going to bed.