February 28th, 2013

Blogger at the Economist opines (and relays opinions) about What to Do About Bookstores


I liked this bit the best:

"Digital and hybrid readers should have the option of buying e-books in-store, and budding authors should have access to self-printing book machines. The latter have been slower to take off in Britain, but in America bookstores are finding them to be an important source of revenue."

I'm sure there are at least two bookstores in the USA that find Espresso Book Machines to be an important source of revenue, so the statement is not _strictly speaking_ fictional. Sort of flirting, making eyes at fictional, without being willing to commit. A little playing with the hair, etc.

I had completely forgotten how hilarious articles like this could be.

Dutch words for "zoo"

"zoologisk have"

Those are the ones I have found so far. I have been to a "dierenpark", and I thought that was the extent of the "words for zoo". Ha. Ha. Ha. It's entirely possible zoo is a legit Dutch word as well, I'm just not sure.