February 19th, 2013

Playroom Painting

Today, D. came over to paint the playroom. First, we had to get everything out from under the playset. Then we had to move the playset, and then put everything back under the playset. Felt a little sisyphean, however, the net effect was to make almost all of the walls available for painting.

Later today, I feel optimistic that room will be Orange.

The Painting So Far

Upstairs bathroom is:


Master bedroom is:


Master bathroom is:


Ali's room is:


Teddy's room is:


We're planning on continuing the butternut squash from the downstairs hall through the stairs to the upstairs hall; it will be helpful mostly by not clashing with any of the bedrooms, which we made zero effort to co-ordinate.

ETA: We went with Aura for everything, matte or eggshell depending on the room. We didn't go satin (we're not, even in the kitchen) because the walls have too many imperfections that would show up.

We had one painter for the downstairs lav, and then D. for everything else. Both painters were familiar with Aura (or at least had a compatible painting style). As you can see from our selections, we are Big Believers in Color. We like Aura because it has great colors, minimal ruboff (everyone seems to claim none and/or no marking when touched, which is NOT true with really dark colors like the Tuscany Green -- but the marking problem is far less than I had with the extremely dark red I had from Ralph Lauren years ago. YMMV.), cleans well, includes an anti-mildew, IIRC, and has low/no VOCs. With a lot of paints, I have to leave the room in order to deal with the smell; with Benjamin Moore Aura, you can paint the room next to the one I am in, in the middle of winter, and I won't even think to turn a fan on.

It is double the price of a "normal" can of paint, however.


Living Room is:




Playroom is:


Up and downstairs hall and stair is:


Kitchen is:


Downstairs bath is:


R. asked about the colors in the living room for some unrelated communication and started asking me, and we realized we had never created a full accounting of what we picked, which might be useful to have.

ETA: We are about to become The House with the Purple Door:


I was thinking more along the lines of Pinot Grigio Grape, but we've decided not to mess around.

ETA: R. notes that we forgot to add the color for the third floor.


A new bedspread

The bedspread in the master is ... old. And while it doesn't _clash_ with the new colors, the pattern is far from exciting. So as we were debating what to do about replacing it, I got to looking at some fabrics.


Here's Vlisco's image:


_That_ was too cool to pass up. Dunno how long that link will work, but it arrived in the mail today and I could not be happier. The downside is, I was only able to get 6 yards. The upside is, the colors were _exactly_ right (always a risk ordering online) and we both love the pattern and it looks great in the room.

So we have enough to do a quilt top. We could have it made up as one half of a duvet cover, alternatively. Not sure which way we'll go. And of course we'll have to figure out whether this is going to be something we hire done or we do ourselves (the project is certainly within R.'s capabilities and possibly even within mine).