February 18th, 2013

Playdate Exhaustion

T. had a great playdate today with J., his friend from school (really, I doubt you can possibly understand how happy I am that I can write that phrase). J.'s mother and younger brother also came over. I _love_ J.'s mother, and the younger brother, Z. absolutely reminds me of T. when he was little, more than any other kid I've met. Good times. Chicken nuggets, fries, juice, raisins, bananas -- all successfully deployed.

I wound up setting a 2 p.m. deadline at around 1:30, because T. was obviously flagging and J. was getting _really_ wound up and disorganized. I'm glad I did, because I hate to wait until things go bad to bail -- I'd rather call a halt when things are still going well, because that makes the next time actually happen, as opposed to everyone being all what happened? That was so good ... until it wasn't.

I'm also glad I did, because after spending 45 minutes or so with my walking partner (no walk -- it's cold and T. is sick), I realized that T. and I are really, really, really freaking exhausted. He's hanging out on the couch watching TV and I can barely sit up.

Socializing apparently really takes it out of us.

Still happy about Rosetta Stone working again

Who knows how long I will stick with it, but I've managed to dump a few hours into it for a couple of evenings running. T. will not let me use it while he's around, which is a bummer. He was willing to let me use it for about 15 minutes, but then got sick of hearing me talk to it -- which I am sympathetic to.

An Unexpectedly Long Word

I don't know if I ever learned the/any Dutch words for sink, but at least one cropped up in Rosetta today: gootsteen. _Gootsteen_? Two words? WTF?

Goot = gutter
Steen = stone

Dutch wikipedia thinks spoelbak is a better work. _Spoelbak_?!? A springbox. Which sort of makes sense, if you think of a faucet as sort of an artificial spring (the water kind).

Weird, tho, for something that is so monosyllabic in English to be a composed word in Dutch.