December 20th, 2012


Today's Activities Include: Still More Frames, Painting completed, laundry closet repairs

Not too long ago, I closed the front loading washing machine with something stuck in the door. Ooops. The arm was ripped off of T.'s pirate PJ top. Alas, the seal for the washing machine also took some damage, so R. ordered a replacement part and today he replaced the part. He also took the bifold door off and attempted, once again, to make the door fit a bit better. Here's hoping it works, but he sounds mad at the saw which is not a great sign. The doors, honestly, really suck. Maybe we'll get replacement doors.

D. finished painting the upstairs bathroom iguana green. Fortunately, when T. saw the results, he liked them. This is good, since that green is kind of intense and he picked it out; if he had not liked the results, we would all have felt betrayed and, honestly, kind of angry. But he likes it, so we're good.

Also, I'm starting to like it.

I took one of the Chef Mickey's photos to the frame shop. Ordinarily, I would have popped it into one of the standard 5x7 frames, but I wanted a person removed from the picture, which complicated things a bit. After a great deal of discussion, we just matted the person out; it should look just fine. I also picked up some pre-made frames for some of the ride photos and for some of A.'s school photos.

T.'s hammock arrived; I wrapped it. R. still needs to get the hanging hardware for it and I'm a little concerned that is not going to happen in time for Xmas. More of A.'s Dora stuff arrived and that got wrapped, too. I also got a big box of paperwork and photos; I did a cursory look through, shredded some superceded estate paperwork and R. helped me bring the rest of it upstairs to go through Later. T. got home early, thus complicating some of this.

An evergreen floral (What would you call it? Floral is clearly wrong ...) arrangement arrived today from my mother-in-law. It's pretty and went into the entryway, replacing the campanula which died an inexplicable and horrible early death. The stamen in some of the bells were molding when I bought them, but I didn't notice that until I got home. *sigh* The ones from the previous week are still thriving in the master bath, despite letting them dry out one day and them drooping on me.