December 19th, 2012


Recent Activities Include: Wrapping, Kids' Physicals

On Tuesday, T. had his annual physical. There weren't any shots this year. Yay! The doctor and T. have seen each other a few times and are getting along well (this is more about T. being more sociable with more people, and less about the doctor, who has always been super cool). My understanding of the request to have T. tested for fragile X was correct (that is, just one of those cross t's things, not because anyone thinks there's any chance that test will come back positive -- it's the most common identifiable cause of autism so standard of care is to check for it), and our doctor is a-ok with not drawing blood just to do that test, but to wait until we're drawing blood anyway and do it then.

I do most of my holiday shopping online, and to the extent that wrapping is possible, it's done by other people (I feel like a second Yay! in one post is inappropriate, so just think about me hopping up and down with a gleeful expression, possibly handclapping out of excitement). However, I think it's ridiculous to have stuff come to the house wrapped, so I'm wrapping some of the kids' presents. This is the point at which I go, small presents suck. Big presents, like the horse, or the playset or the fire truck, you just slap a bow on it, at most, and call it good. But small presents really do have to be wrapped. Also, the kids are finally enjoying unwrapping presents, so one feels compelled. But still. I don't much care for wrapping (and do not get me started on gift bags).

A crucial zipper on my regular purse broke, so I've switched back to a larger one from Fossil that I bought because it's sort of designed around carrying an iPad. I'm not overjoyed about this, but I'm not quite sure what to do about it. It is purple, which is always a plus, and it looks fine with my current cold weather jackets, also a good thing (and wasn't the case with the previous winter coat).

The upstairs hallway bath is being painted iguana green from Benjamin Moore:

R. and T. picked this out; my sole criteria to R. was that he wasn't allowed to pick a color that T. didn't like. The painter and I both have some doubts about this color, altho it is better than the mango that R. would have picked if T. wasn't allowed to be involved. Given it is nominally the kids bathroom, it seems wrong to have them annoyed by its appearance.

I sort of wish I could say I was still decluttering, but I'm really not. At this point, all I'm doing is decorating. Today's efforts included putting pictures of my nieces into frames; hopefully R. will get them up on the wall somewhere. Oh, I guess I did have R. pack up the knives to go to his niece; the package is in my car waiting to go to the post office, probably tomorrow when the old barstools go to HGRM.