December 7th, 2012


Today's Activities Include: Dentist, Frame Shop, Brussel Sprouts

After dropping A. off at preschool, and then watching last night's Daily Show, I went to the dentist. Bleah. I have a very nice dentist, but still. I usually go through the Starbucks on the way back, because it is Right There, and I'm often really feeling like a soy mocha after being poked at.

Just before I left, I got a phone call, which I had hoped would be from the people refinishing the table saying when to expect them tomorrow. But it was instead from the Frame Shop, saying the last piece of mine they were working on was ready. After the dentist, I picked it up and I am very, very happy about it. This is the Raggedy Ann and Andy rice mosaic (foot square or near enough -- 11 3/4 X 12 according to their measurements), framed in a shadow box with hearts cut into the matte (blue top matte, red bottom matte, and red matte on the inside edge. It is Awesome. I could not be happier. I'm going to stick it in the kids playroom, which means the picture currently hanging there (of Half Dome, by an artist in Mayberry [not its real name] who I really like) needs to move, probably to the hallways, etc.

For lunch, I poked around in the fridge. I had peanut sauce made up. There was rice and beans, which R. had made. And there were a variety of vegetables, notably, brussel sprouts. I figured this could become something like rama garden, only I skipped the tofu (because of the beans). The brussel sprouts were yummy. I _love_ them. I find it absolutely hilarious that while I continue to despise a lot of vegetables, I really like a lot of the less popular ones.

Yesterday, we spent the morning successfully selling something that I didn't want to store any more. Which was nice, because I don't have to store it and I got money. While we were waiting for the money, we saw other people come in and attempt to sell their things, which was like a very slow paced, unedited version of antiques road show or something similar. The guy who was buying our stuff was very, very nice to absolutely everyone who came through, which caused me to think highly of him as a person.

We're mostly done assembling and mailing photos, and a lot of the Xmas cards have also headed out. I still have a few more gifts (realistically, probably gift certificates) left to buy, but the end is in sight. Well, other than hosting Xmas Day.

A. is going to go see Santa tomorrow at Nagog. Should be fun, but I won't be there, because I'm going to MSOG to see Dick Eastman. I'm quite excited about that.

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