November 28th, 2012

Today's Activities Include: Sitting Around Doing Little

I watched a ton of TV, which was mildly amusing. R. had an interview with a different group at his last job so there's a pretty good chance between-jobs part is about to end. I got a good start on the day, but fizzled pretty fast. I got the organizer for the kitchen drawer and extracted enough of the cruft from the cabinet to make space for a container to hold the pearl barley. I found space in a different cabinet for the brown rice. I then proceeded to expend some time cutting out the nutritional information from the bags and using it as a label on the containers and then did the same thing with the cream of wheat. I contemplated doing a more global labeling exercise but decided I'd rather cook, instead.

I pulled some chicken out of the freezer (one of those Trader Joe's freezer bags of uncooked chicken bits that reseals -- there are moments where I truly love TJs and this was one of them) and cooked it with some vegetables and the barley. I didn't use chicken stop, as the chicken bits had skin and fat, and we sauteed the barley with the onion and mushrooms. There was plenty of flavor, but even with the kombu (which I cut up some of and put in a smaller container so it would be more readily accessible than the intimidatingly huge package it arrives in from Eden), it needed a little more. I'm not sure what R. put in it; I went with black pepper and chipotle Tabasco, which was fantastic. With the garlic and ginger, it made a very nice lunch, especially since I've been either having a bad cold or awful allergies (I suspect the latter).

I thought about doing more in the basement, but didn't, other than getting out one of the bigger files and purging it. I feel like I should do another one, altho we did such a huge amount yesterday maybe taking a day off is a good idea.