August 25th, 2012

Back from the Cape

Last year, we stayed in South Yarmouth. This year was East Falmouth. We really liked the house we had this year, altho I think the hotel I got for my sister was perhaps not quite as nice as the one we got for her last year. Last year, my ex-girlfriend joined us. This year, my mother-in-law joined us. Everyone apparently enjoyed it because they're saying they are willing to go again next year.

We had a good time, and left Friday night, so we basically made it through the whole week (we left Thursday last time, in part because a hurricane was heading up the coast). Since we were on an inlet, the water was even tamer than last year (which is saying something) and perhaps even slightly warmer. I only saw one jelly fish, but a ton of hermit crabs and a bunch of small fish.

We didn't do much. My sister and her family went out to Plymouth Plantation, and A. and R. went with them to an inflatable park. R. took his mother and each of the kids out for a bunch of bike rides, but I mostly hung out, with occasional outings to stores (book store and toy store for the kids, grocery store for food, type of thing). We only had food at restaurants three times, twice takeout from Oysters, Too, which was amazingly tasty (the other time was Cape Cod Mall food court as part of the toy store outing).