July 24th, 2012

_It's Raining Men (Slacker Demons)_, Jennifer Stevenson (kindle)

Looks like the beginning of a series. As is typical for Stevenson, set in Chicago. In this outing, Chloe is a "brand bimbo", a woman who demos new alcoholic products in places that serve alcohol. She's been hanging out with Archie, a bartender at Cheaters for a couple of years; they are each serial daters, altho with different approaches/strategies/goals. Archie finally gives in and takes Chloe back to his place, a "lair" that he shares with other slacker demons (sex demons), which reminds her forcibly of growing up with her numerous older brothers.

Archie has some serious phobia associated with commitment and a chunk of the book is devoted to finding out what it is and whether it is reality based (remember, this is a book in which Hell is the Regional Office and Heaven is the Home Office). It is, sort of, and not, sort of. Stevenson has some fun with magic and metaphor. Also with chocolate.

I like Stevenson's books; she's got a seriously weird sense of humor and is willing to play out a premise with vigor, which I always admire. The secondary romance involves another Slacker/Sex Demon, who turns out to be closeted two different ways, and when he comes out of his closets, he discovers that his past and his present and future are very, very, very tiny worlds. I'm not sure how I feel about that.