July 7th, 2012

Daily Activites Include: child care, costco, painting ...

Today, we all went to Costco. This outing has, in the past, been something of a disaster. As a result, I've tended to stay home with one or more of the kids rather than be involved. This time, however, things went really well. We spent lots of money, mostly on things we needed, but some on things that seemed kind of fun.

Upon returning from Costco (and a brief drive through a car wash), we separated so T. and R. could go to the bike trail while A. and I went out for fast food. Upon our return, we hung out and read some library books, then, in a fit of either insanity, boredom, or, more likely, both, I took A. to the hardware store and then Starbucks. Just to be clear, it was in that order; you cannot blame what I did at the hardware store on the extra jolt of midday caffeine.

I bought two gallons of Aura paint, one for A.'s room and one for the bathroom. I didn't discuss this with R. at all: not that I was going to do it, much less the color I picked -- altho I _did_ buy Benjamin Moore Aura (Spa and Bath), so I'm pretty sure I at least got a really high quality, appropriate type of paint. And I went with a color very close to one I absolutely loved back when I had my own condo, but which is very, very dark.

Good news: I've only adulterated one back wall in the master bathroom. If he truly hates it, this can be fixed.

Bad news: I included A. in the actual painting. There's way more splatter on that drop cloth than I had intended. Fortunately, I did put the drop cloth down and did some taping before starting.

On the way home from Costco, I got a phone call from the woman who was going to be helping out with the kids after school; she had a family emergency out of state and won't be around for a while. We learned a few weeks ago that our other child care provider (a wonderful young man who had lifeguard training and was happy to take T. bicycling, scootering and swimming) was indeed going back to school -- we were very happy for him but very sorry to lose him. He, however, recommended a coworker/friend/acquaintance, who I had talked to on the phone yesterday and arranged to come over for two days this week to see how it went. I'd been feeling kinda bad I didn't have more hours for him; now, apparently, I do.