June 4th, 2012

Book Huffers Are Alive and Well


h/t Nate at the Digital Reader, who has a nice spoof of the post.


I would like to make a couples of observations.

(1) Of course you have to charge the electronic device when it arrives in the mail, altho the last several I received from two separate companies, names starting with 'A' were mostly charged on arrival, I always plug them in as part of the unpackaging process.

(2) Anyone who has been on a plane in the last many years knows you have to turn off electronic devices during take-off and landing (and I feel a little bad about this, having been a rabid comp.risks reader back in the day and thus contributing to this rule) -- and if you read on moving vehicles (Which I Do Not, because no one likes vomiting or being around someone who is), you have to bring non-powered material for this period.

(3) What's perverted about reading erotica?

I hadn't seen an instance of Book Huffery in a while, and I sort of missed making fun of it. However, I feel sort of bad making fun of Ms. Guest's opinion piece, because it's obvious the Book Huffers are feeling very defensive and being coerced into trying the transition. On the other hand, she gratuitously picked on morris dancing, so not _that_ sorry.