May 7th, 2012

Mail from Friesland

It's been a little busy around here so I've gotten behind. Perhaps I'll catch up this week.

I received a letter from Friesland, from one of my father's first cousins; my daughter is her namesake. I first visited her and her husband in January of 2002. My aunt had reconnected with her a few years earlier, presumably after going through her father/my grandfather's papers and finding more information about the family my grandfather left behind when he immigrated to the United States, following one of his older brothers, in the teens (his and the 20th century's). I visited again with my then fiance but fell out of contact after my children were born and a couple cross country moves reduced my usual orderliness to a shocking degree of chaos.

Anyway. Her son got in touch with me via and urged me to write a letter and confirmed a valid snail mail address and so, I have mail from Friesland. (In addition to telling her a little about the last few years, I answered the question she had asked me about her uncle/my great-uncle and what happened to his daughter, one of the questions that send me to in the first place.) It is of course wonderful to be back in touch and, as a little hobby bonus, she had an answer for a persistent question I had about my grandfather's oldest brother. Turns out he had more than the one son. Specifically, _8_ more children, some by the first wife whose death record I had and the rest by a second wife I didn't know a thing about.

Even the Frisian side of the family (that I know of) has lost contact with the second family. I'm early in the process of googling about for stambooms, in hopes that someone on that side is (a) interested in genealogy and (b) has put something online, but thus far, nothing obvious has appeared.