April 5th, 2012

1940 Census: Grampa's family and his brother's in-laws

The 1940 Census has been released to the public. Unlike previous releases, this was through digitized images, rather than microfilm. The first day, there was enough demand to crash the servers, but things seem okay now, and sites like ancestry.com have images as well. Several projects are already started indexing, however for now, wherever you get your images, you will just have to look it up by location and hope for the best.

I ignored this for the first few days. The first day of the release, I was preoccupied by a variety of other things, not least of which was making a reservation for my sister's family for our shared trip later this year. Also, I was sort of expecting the servers to be, at minimum, very, very slow and news of a crash did not surprise me.

However, today I had a few minutes and I thought I might look for my father's family. I had a pretty good idea where they lived and the ED was small. I knew the composition of the family and the names were distinctive enough that I was sure I would spot it.

Indeed I did. But the page _before_ my father's family, I also spotted my great-uncle Harry's mother-in-law, living with her husband. I hadn't realized they lived just a few houses down the road. Clearly, I will need to look over the rest of this enumeration district carefully.