March 16th, 2012

Recent Activities Include: Cooking!

Once upon a time, I (or we) used to cook big enough meals for us to have leftovers for lunches and/or dinners, thus simplifying most of the week's meal decisions (what to eat? Stew One or Stew Two? Hmmm. . .). We haven't done that for a while, but this week, I made beef bourguignon and, a couple days later, chicken under biscuit. I was particularly proud of the latter, because I cooked it in the cast iron pot and then baked it in the same pot. It was pretty. No, I did not take a picture. Maybe next time. I have not figured out what I'll be cooking next week, although I'll need to decide by Tuesday, which seems to be the good day for shopping and cooking round one.

We moved since the last time I was cooking this kind of thing, so my back stock of chicken stock and beef stock had either expired or been used up. This Matters, because prepared stock tends to have a lot of sodium unless you know where to find unsalted and I no longer did. If I _really_ had it together, I'd have made my own stock, but I'm not back to that point. Yet.

I thought I'd at least try Roche Bros. before moving further afield. They had an unsalted chicken stock from Kitchen Basics (but not a beef stock) -- but they did have an unsalted Beef Stock by Swanson's. Would I have preferred the organic brand I used to buy? Heck yeah! Did I want to make a special trip up to Groton to see if they had it? Not really.