January 10th, 2012

Today's Activities Include: genealogy and gawker

I gave Glenbow Archives a credit card number over the phone and they sent me scans of Peter W. T's "fonds", which is basically a short memoir. I've skimmed most of it -- that guy had the most amazing travel history for his time/place. There are a few pages that got trimmed off, which is a bummer. I'll have to go back through it to extract the genealogical information I wanted.

He wrote very, very little about his religion, yet it's quite clear even in the absence of such discussion that how he went about finding his second and third wives was within the context of the Mennonite communities. However his decision to move to Alberta seems to have had nothing to do with his uncle and everything to do with a trip he and his second wife took to visit _her_ relatives and seeing that area on the return trip.

While I was wasting time on gawker, I stumbled across a comments thread that I found deeply offensive. I remembered the last ban hammer post, and decided to just report it. I did, I got the autoresponse and not long after that, I got a message saying the thread had been updated. When I went back, _all_ of the thread that had bothered me (not just the post that was most disturbing and motivated the email) was gone and different comments were visible. Nice! This feels like a community I might actually feel like participating in at some point.

I also downloaded some forms from South Dakota vital records and filled them out. I need to get a photo copy of my license to go with the forms and the check. I'm trying to get birth records on my maternal grandmother and her twin brother, and his death certificate. I've concluded that the Nebraska birth record I want predates birth registration, much less birth certificates, so there's just no joy there. Iowa has some possibilities, but I think tomorrow will be a phone call to Delta County, Colorado.

It's _amazingly_ expensive to collect these records. Typical price for a record (or for the search, whether the record shows up or not) is around $15.