November 26th, 2011

T-weekend Update

Friday we went to Bamboo Westford, in keeping with my I-will-host-T-weekend-but-you-aren't-staying-in-my-house theme. This was amazingly convenient. Everyone but us was staying at the Residence Inn in the same office park, so, walkable. We _love_ Bamboo: you may have to wait for your soup and/or beverage, but no matter your party size, you can all walk over to the buffet and come back with an array of truly excellent food. We got a lot of remarks along the lines of, we've never been to a _good_ Chinese buffet, but this is great. Hopefully they weren't just being nice. My brother-in-law and I split the check after a completely silent argument intermediated by my husband, so I feel a little bad. He and his wife have made space in their home for us on holidays and we not only haven't reciprocated -- we didn't get to pay for much substitution, either. They are extremely nice about it, however.

Most of the group departed after lunch, however one family was staying another night. We got grandma and one boy and the other three went into Boston to meet a friend. Upon their return, we had LEFTOVERS, which in retrospect might have been a better lunch plan. I come from a family-of-origin that ate leftovers all the time, so leftovers are not Exciting. However, apparently LEFTOVERS from T-day are a really big deal for certain people. They were very high quality leftovers.

The only person left this morning is grandma; she'll be coming by this afternoon. We already miss the cousins, aunts and uncles. I'd be happy doing this every single year. I can't handle a bunch of actual houseguests for a few days (I have, and they were nice, but the kids got a little weird), but I really enjoyed this.