November 24th, 2011

Happy T-Day and T-weekend Everyone!

It's a few minutes after 9 a.m. and the muffins are out of the oven (corn and wheat with blueberries) and the stuffed bird is in the oven (rice/veg/sausage stuffing in a 20ish lb bird). R. has coffee. I've had a muffin and am awaiting tea. The kids are playing with electronic devices.

I like this part. This part is good.

I'm doing the sweet potatoes in a crock pot this year, because the bird is big. We'll see how that turns out. In a few hours, I'll open it up to see how it's doing and put in the spices and sugar. We're expecting a total of 14, and guests are supplying cranberry sauce, pumpkin pies, mashed, rolls and other odds and ends.

Whether your day is intimate (I'm thinking of you, Priestess!) or chaotic, I hope you survive it and any particularly memorable arguments are with kin that are so annoying you'd just as soon not talk to them for a while anyway. May the food be tasty and the weather and other circumstances permit a walk afterwards (or a nice lie down in a recliner in front of a game, if that is your preference).

Sick Family Update And T-weekend

Well, R. took A. to the doctor that afternoon and A. tested positive on the quick test for strep. Yikes.

We soldiered on anyway. Wednesday was a half day for T. (A. obviously NOT going in to school, what with the strep, the waking-up-in-vomit and the amoxicillin caused diarrhea), so when he got home I left him with his grandmother and took A. with me to the dealer to get the inspection sticker and pick up the registration.

We got the house picked up, leaves in the table, extra chairs around the tables and very low key decorating done, as well as some of the food prep for T-day. Everyone arrived in a timely fashion on T-day. The turkey cooked more or less as expected and everyone's contributions to the meal turned out really well. We even had brussel sprouts. Also, other people cleaned up.

A. seems much better today and no one else is worse so fingers crossed tomorrow will be a healthier day. And that my kids didn't give their cousins strep.